A Taste of Amish Cooking and More

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A Taste of Amish Cooking and More

A Taste of Amish Cooking and More are treasured recipes by the Keim family. This assortment of recipes was assembled by Esther Keim. There are over 450 recipes covering Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes, Casseroles, Breads, Pies, Cookies, Cakes, Candies, Desserts, and even Remedies and some Fun Kids Crafts. At only $13 each, they make great gifts.

On pages 7-9 of the cook book, Joe and Esther share their testimonies of how they came to Christ after struggling through their teenage years in the Old Order Amish Church. Page 11 has the "Recipe to Heaven" written out in five easy steps.

Every cook book you buy provides correspondence Bible lessons to six Amish students.

Note from Merissa: We had the opportunity to meet Joe and Esther during our time in Ohio and get to know more about their wonderful ministry Mission to Amish People. Sales of this recipe book directly benefit both the MAP Ministry and Fearless Grace (another ministry towards legalism).

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Mobley
I like it!

Lots of great recipes with simple ingredients along the way the author tells her story of how she grew in Christ and made the difficult decision to leave the Amish community.

Bonnie Cole
Amish cook book

We received our cook book in excellent condition. We begin to wonder about the story behind the book. We looked them up and we are amazed and excited to hear that this mission is there for the Amish.
What a beautiful outreach. We will enjoy the cook book to the fullest.

Kimberly C
Too many errors

My confidence in the recipes in this cookbook is low given how many errors there are. I was disappointed also in seeing how many recipes are using prepackaged items like cake mixes, jello, etc. I am looking for recipes that I can cook from scratch without needing prepackaged convenience foods. 
So, while I’m enjoying reading through this cookbook, it missed the mark for me.

Brenda Beckstrom
Amish Cooking

Wonderful simple home cooking recipes!

Joann Bradley
Reading my pass time

The best investimate I have ever made. I love my little house living and the Amish cooking plus the gardening ledger. Worth every penny spent because each has an abundance of knowledge and how to. This is packed with hundreds,thousands even millions of how to success and how to succeed. It even offers some bumps and lumps that might occur. A great and grand choice in life that I am glad I made. Thank you for gathering and filling the need through your writing. I would recommend this book to all.

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