The Gardening and Preserving Journal

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The Gardening and Preserving Journal
The Gardening and Preserving Journal
The Gardening and Preserving Journal
The Gardening and Preserving Journal
The Gardening and Preserving Journal
The Gardening and Preserving Journal

Available exclusively on! The Gardening and Preserving Journal was designed with the busy, but wants-to-be-organized person in mind! This wonderful spiral bound journal with a glossy laminated cover is the perfect way to keep track of your gardening plans, seeds, food inventory, recipes, and harvest.

Some of the features of the journal include:

  • Before harvest pages to keep track of what you have left and possibly preserved too much of.
  • Recipe pages, to keep track of all of the delicious things you want to make and preserve.
  • Gardening info and layout pages, to draw out your garden plan, decide what you will use on your garden, and to keep track of anything new you are trying.
  • Seed information pages, to note where you get seeds from, what kind they are, how much they cost, if they did well, and more.
  • Plenty of space for notes, so you can store seed packets, doodle, or make other notes of things to remember for later.
  • After harvest inventory pages, to keep track of what you can, dry, freeze, and put in cold storage.
  • Spiral binding on an 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch book so that it will lay flat or can be folded while note taking.
  • Heavy duty pages, easy for writing on.
  • Plus so much more!

Not only is the journal great to use for your own personal documentation, it also makes a wonderful gift for a friend that loves to garden, can, or is trying to live the modern homesteading life. If you only buy one book this holiday season, this is the one to get!


Read more details about the Journal Here.

Watch Merissa show the Journal here:


Customer Reviews

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Excellent Journal

I can't wait to start using this journal! It has everything in it I need for recording my gardening information and also what I preserve! Thank you1

Just what I needed

This is what I need to keep track of everything on my little village "homestead." Thanks so much for making a much-needed journal for documenting.

This is so simple, organized, and well thought out! Perfect!

I love this.. Really, I do! I bought two for myself, and I have four more on the way for small gifts! It's perfect for gardeners. And, it's not like other gardening, preserving journals that have so much detail, you don't even end up using them because they require so much time. This one is very simple. Very organized. And, very versatile. This is an easy journal to use. And is actually helpful! Definitely a good buy!

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