31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)

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31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)
31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)
31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)
31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)
31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)
31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)

Simpler Living Starts Here

Do you wish that your life would slow down so that you could live the simple life that you've always dreamed about?

Do you wish that you had a cleaner home that was easier to maintain?

Do you wish that your life wouldn't be so stressful and complicated?

It CAN be done! In this 31 day eWorkbook I will show you how you can live a simpler life, have less stress, and keep your home cleaner and more organized than ever. I will share with you the secrets to our success in becoming a family that lives slowly in a fast world.

Each day of the eWorkbook is filled with an achievable challenge that will put you on the path to simple life and help to clear the clutter from your home and from your life. The book is also filled with printable worksheets and checklists so that you can easily follow along and record your progress.

If you are ready to live a simpler life, I encourage you to come along with me and follow in the footsteps that me and my family have already taken to live this life that I'm so thankful for each and every day.

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Customer Reviews

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LeWauna Truitt

I paid for workbook but cannot get it to download.

Pat Ridings
Simpler Living

This ebook is very helpful. I have started some of the things already and am using some of the forms. Thank you so much for offering this at a great price.

Mary Grace Almleaf
Love all things LHL

Merissa’s work has greatly enhanced my life and I am a retired grandma!

Sherie Landers

31 Days to Simpler Living eWorkbook (Download)

Karen Bruns
Little House Living - 31 Days to Simpler Living Workbook

Hi There,
I bought this book for my daughter-in-law (and my son) for Christmas but having thought it over, I will keep it for myself! I haven't had a chance to read it yet so I can't review it although it looks really good. My husband and I live in a small 1910 school house. He has been an antique dealer for 35 years and we both love old things. We are now in our sixties and need to weed out many things so I am looking forward to making some room.

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