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Mason Jar Black Taper Candle Holder

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Mason Jar Black Taper Candle Holder
Mason Jar Black Taper Candle Holder

One of our very favorite things in our home is our blue jars with candle holders. We loved them so much and they were so hard to find, we decided that we would sell them here for you too!

These candle holders are for taper candles or tealights depending on the style that you choose. The tealight holders are for quart size jars and are black metal. The taper candle holders come in cracked red, steel grey, and black. We also have a black half gallon size taper candle holder.


Use with your favorite candles and enjoy the warm glow from your own beautiful mason jars!

Note, this listing is for the candle holders only, candles and jars not included.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Helkey
Black taper candle holder

I ordered one for myself and one for a gift and absolutely love them. Thank you !

sherial valencia
Great item, quick service.

This item was delivered quickly on possibly the busiest week of the year.

Gina Batista
Mason Jar Black Taper Candle Holder

I purchased the handle holder with a 2-pack beeswax tapered candles. I love the holder, it fits perfectly in a mason jar and the candles fit perfectly in the holder. Could also be a great gift for someone. Package wrapping was really nice and shipping was quick. Would definitely purchase again.

Barbara Tremblay
Love them! Now I just need the jars!

So you sell the jars too?

Mason Jar Candle Holder

While the candle holder is nice and looks good in my mason jar, I was a little taken back that there was a sticker on it that said made in India. I felt duped. I assumed I was getting something handmade by you or someone in homesteading. At the very least, as I am thinking about it, even USA made would make me feel better. Very leary to buy anything again. I am sad. My mistake for assuming. Thank you, however, for prompt delivery and item was packaged well. I do prefer, personally, to support our artisans here in USA. I did not realize that I was buying something mass produced in India.

Thank you for your Review! We do support things made in the USA in general a few examples are the note cards I painted and then we had them printed at a mostly Amish run printing press in Ohio ( our canning journal was printed there also.) Or the beeswax candles made on a bee farm in the mountains of Montana. Rada knifes made in Iowa, Merissa's book Little House Living printed here in the states, etc. But we do also have some products that were made overseas, (none from China) but like this candle holders and the measuring spoons are made in India, The reason we sell them is because we personally use them every day and they are great quality. -David

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